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Gaby Chariots, a company specializing in the sale of cars, bus and minibus


Our company is fully oriented in the sale d & rsquo; coaches, buses and minibuses of all types.

We benefit from an experience of more 20 years in the transportation of people or we are well established and known for our responsiveness to find "the" or "the" wanted vehicles by our preferred customers.

Our company has an experience of more than 20 years in transit

Do you offer additional services ?
Our priority is the personalized welcome of each client and the ability to host directly to the nearest station (Valence TGV) for a tour of our exhibition park.

How do you prepare the vehicle prior to sale (do you have your own studio, for example) ?
Yes we have our own mechanical workshop and body shop work and we offer "a la carte".

Regions or countries or delivery is possible ?
We sell all over France and that & rsquo; international, and we want to provide our international customers with several freight companies to transport vehicles to the recipient country.

Where do the vehicles you sell ?
They come from tourism professionals, town halls, communities and cities.

What does the name of your company Gaby Forklifts ? How it was organized ?
The meaning of the name of the company comes from GABY CHARIOTS digest GArage BIndustry onzini we changed with GABY "Y"Which corresponds to a known name.
Monsieur BONZINI étant le créateur de la société en 1993. Aujourd’hui, So it makes more 20 years that we exist !

Our Custumers

Elle est constituée pour la majeure partie de sociétés de Transport de Voyageurs, Group of Urban Transport (Transdev, Kéolis, Veolia ...), of any size Commons, d’Associations, d'Instituts East éducatifs, high schools, driving schools but also in recent years from individuals wanting to turn a coach "camper".

They trusted us :


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